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Cultural adjustment, language barriers, loneliness, homesickness, visa restrictions, social isolation, work issues.


Coaching focuses on improving personal effectiveness. Sometimes this takes place in an individual setting, sometimes in a team setting. Your preference depends on the situation and/or your role/position in the organisation.


Helping people and/or serving people is an important motivation for many professionals. In addition, the profession is exciting, challenging, busy and hectic. Due to the hectic pace of the day, you have little time to stand still. Yet you occasionally notice the need to do this and to reflect on what you do, how you do it and whether you are still on the right track.
When things go differently, the chance of getting stuck is considerable and questions of identity arise, for example.
It is also possible that you no longer experience pleasure in your work and wonder why this is the case and how to proceed? Or you’re at home with a burnout and would like to pick up the thread again, but don’t know how to do that. After all, personal and professional are closely connected.

By reflecting on what is going on and making room for reflection, it can become clear what really matters to you, as an employee and as a person, and what choices you may have to make. This clarity makes you (more) aware of the why of your actions. It is the basis for effective functioning. It connects professional and personal development, craftsmanship and ‘fire’.

Coaching helps you to grow, to find more balance between yourself and your environment, to discover where your source of inspiration is, where your strength lies and how you can achieve results.

Coaching is intended for people who know that working on yourself enriches both yourself and your environment.

Coaching stimulates your development.

As a coach I help you to look at yourself in an honest way. In this way you learn to be who you really are, you learn to see more realistically what you can do, what you run into and where blockages lie, how you can remedy them and how things can be done differently.

As a coach I am a sparring partner who thinks along with you, looks at various angles, holds up mirrors and looks at your possibilities and opportunities together with you.


Every coaching process is different. Every question and every situation is different. The strength of coaching is that it is an individual (tailor-made) trajectory aimed at achieving results. Duration, frequency and location are determined in consultation. In addition to face-to-face coaching, it is also possible for coaching to take place over the phone or online and using e-coaching techniques.
I use different angles and work mainly from a systems theory perspective. The perspective of the cognitive behavioral therapy framework, Transactional Analysis (TA) and Appreciative Inquiry (AI), the solution-focused approach, positive psychology and compassion focused theory are also part of my way of working.



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