Communicative approach

The communicative approach in couples therapy promotes open and effective communication between partners for a healthy relationship.

Communicative perspective

How does communication take place and what effect does it have on individual performance? Within the communicative approach, it is mainly about the context in which communication takes place.

What happens in a family, in a partnership or between individuals does not necessarily refer to individual meanings or intentions. The interpretation of what happens between people is influenced by the context in which the interaction takes place. This could be the context of the relationship, but it could also be the context of a third person or the context of a certain group, for example a team that someone is part of. What is said and thought and how it is said also has to do with broader social connections outside that specific situation.

Language and communication in a broad sense are seen as connections between people: words and behaviors shape and connect people. The social and relational context and personal reality are inextricably linked.

Family members respond to each other, partners respond to each other and influence each other's behavior. One parent responds to the behavior of the other parent, parents respond to the behavior of a child, the child responds to the behavior of its parents and children respond to each other and influence each other's behavior.

Behavior of one is provoked by behavior of the other. Communication is also understood as behavior. Someone sends a message and thus demonstrates behavior. Another person receives and processes the message and responds. This mutual communication influences mutual behavior.

Communicative perspective

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