Alternative solution without legal proceedings, promotes communication and cooperation.


Mediation is a form of mediation in conflicts and disputes. The goal of mediation is usually: to end a dispute while preserving the relationship. Under the expert guidance of an independent and impartial mediator, clients look for a creative solution that satisfies everyone. The most important thing here is that everyone's interests come into their own.

You provide the content of the conversation yourself by expressing desires, wishes, emotions, facts, arguments, proposals and counter-proposals. The talks are guided in such a way that the parties can reach an agreement. The mediator does not make any substantive contribution and does not express an opinion. He does ensure that the solution(s) are tested for feasibility.

The mediator is someone who has the knowledge and skills to bring a mediation to a successful conclusion. For example, he can lead and supervise negotiations and get parties moving again in a seemingly deadlocked conflict.

When is mediation a good choice?

(see also In principle, all major and minor(er) conflicts are suitable for mediation. It does not matter whether it concerns disputes about division of matrimonial property, inheritance law issues, access arrangements, labor disputes. The type of conflict does not determine the success of the mediation. Then what?

Quick solution

A mediation is completed on average within a few months, sometimes even within a few weeks or through a single conversation of a few hours.

Keep everything in your own hands

This is one of the key points of mediation. It is not the mediator, not the judge or anyone else who determines what will be included in the agreement: you do that yourself. Together with the other, of course, possibly assisted by your lawyer.


Legal proceedings focus on the legal aspects of a conflict. During mediation, a solution can be sought for everything that has to do with the problem. The non-legal aspects are also discussed.

Restore and maintain cooperation

During mediation, everyone is given the opportunity to speak out and talk about everything. Then you can look for the solution together. In this way, the trust between you and the other can be maintained or restored.

Practical information

For Mediation, you will receive information at your request and, if desired, a quotation, so that a tailor-made offer can be made with the associated costs.

It goes without saying that the rates for the individual services / activities are diverse. This has to do with the differences in duration, intensity, frequency and the like.



I with Brigitte, many years ago, as part of our very first cross-border family mediation training.

Over the years, I have been able to refer very sensitive cases to her, which have always been handled with great professionalism and listening.

In the context of the international training I directly organize, I always have Brigitte present as one of my favorite trainers. The feedback I get, from colleagues of different nationalities and cultures, is always enthusiastic. She manages to be enthusing and above all she is never 'rigid' in her approach. She modifies content and schemes as required, which is not at all common.

MARZIA GHIGLIAZZA – Senior Partner avvocata mediatric cross-border

Birgitte is a very experienced professional and trainer in international mediation who fascinates participants with new approaches in her work. The last training, I visited was about mindfulness and mediation, especially international mediation. She found the way to show us the connection between two worlds we all know separately.

Ana Piernas López – Abogada & Rechtsanwältin Cross-Border Mediator


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