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I am an experienced trainer, specialized in lecturing and training cross-border mediators, lawyers and judges for the European Union. She has extensive experience working with professionals from different countries and cultures and is well versed in the complex aspects of cross-border child abduction.

In addition to my work for countries of the European Union, I also offer training for other organizations that organize further training for healthcare professionals, such as RINO, KING and similar institutions. I have been a lecturer at the A-course in Psychiatry and as a guest lecturer at the Medicine course in Groningen. I also provide training for psychologists and system therapists, among others. I have built expertise in delivering high quality educational programs for these target groups, using my knowledge and experience to help them increase their skills, knowledge and expertise.

What sets me apart is my background as a mindfulness and compassion trainer. I have received training in these approaches and life vision and integrate this into my approach. This means that I pay attention to cultivating awareness, presence and compassion in the learning process and in personal contact. I believe that these elements not only contribute to the well-being of the professionals I train, but also to improve their communication and conflict management skills.

Practical information

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For client-specific training, after consultation and at your request, you will receive information without obligation and, if desired, a quotation, so that a tailor-made offer can be made with the associated costs. Naturally, the rates for the individual services and activities vary. This has to do with the differences in duration, intensity, frequency and the like.


Introduction Workshop Interpersonal Mindfulness / Mindful Communication

Mindfulness & Compassion in Clinical Practice

Mindfulness Attention & Insight Training MBSR/MBCT

Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living (MBCL)

Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living (MBCL) – weekend online

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I with Brigitte, many years ago, as part of our very first cross-border family mediation training.

Over the years, I have been able to refer very sensitive cases to her, which have always been handled with great professionalism and listening.

In the context of the international training I directly organize, I always have Brigitte present as one of my favorite trainers. The feedback I get, from colleagues of different nationalities and cultures, is always enthusiastic. She manages to be enthusing and above all she is never 'rigid' in her approach. She modifies content and schemes as required, which is not at all common.

MARZIA GHIGLIAZZA – Senior Partner avvocata mediatric cross-border

Birgitte is a very experienced professional and trainer in international mediation who fascinates participants with new approaches in her work. The last training, I visited was about mindfulness and mediation, especially international mediation. She found the way to show us the connection between two worlds we all know separately.

Ana Piernas López – Abogada & Rechtsanwältin Cross-Border Mediator

I have experienced the training as enriching and instructive. It is not always easy to fit the formal and informal practice into life. It takes commitment. I have found that making room for the practice does help it take root. Those are moments when I feel myself opening up; hey something is happening! The daily practice has become a beacon where I can focus on my body. It has increased my awareness of what sensations are going on in 'my house'! Wonderful! The nice thing about exchanging experiences in the group is that there is recognition in shared experiences and that a fellow student knows how to express his or her experiences beautifully and I think; hey, i have too! All in all, it tastes like more and I have experienced the evenings as a gift.


Birgitte taught me in EMDR therapy to cope and to forgive myself, I live in the present again instead of the past. The mindfulness training has ensured that I no longer overthink things. I make problems small and don't make them big. I've come back to the moment. It's not that the problems are all solved, it's more that I can handle the problems and have a positive outlook on life again.

Hans Wind

We met Birgitte more than 10 years ago when we all started training as cross-border mediators. Soon after Birgitte began to train mediators herself and it was really interesting to participate in her lectures as she also has a background in psychology and family therapy . Birgitte's training is truly interactive - theory is mixed with exercises and analyses. This was the reason we invited Birgitte to train our domestic family mediators. She has been training our mediators for 3 years now and, based on the feedback, the trainees are very satisfied with the knowledge they have gained.

Anneli and Helle

Although I was a bit hesitant about the group aspect beforehand, it turned out to add a lot to both the mindfulness training and the compassion training that I followed at Syntagma. Thanks to the very expert and professional guidance by Birgitte, both trainings have been extremely valuable to me! I have experienced Birgitte - also in my individual trajectory - as a very pleasant, open, down-to-earth, empathetic and driven psychologist and trainer. She analyzes quickly and sharply, knows how to create the right atmosphere, does not shy away from the difficult things, asks the right questions, uses humor in a pleasant way and provides practical tools to continue. Because Birgitte can draw on a solid theoretical background with a diversity of experiences, education and additional training, she can easily connect and switch and thus always find the most suitable route. It has helped me a lot in better listening to and acting according to my feelings, and in finding more peace, confidence and firmness. Many thanks for that! M.v.I.



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