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SYNTAGMA is located in Son en Breugel (near Eindhoven) and offers professional, accessible help with an emphasis on therapy, mediation and coaching.

Have the courage to change what you can change. Have the serenity to accept what you cannot change. Have the wisdom to recognize the difference between the two.

-- Francis of Assisi

What can SYNTAGMA do for you

Psychology & Therapy

Sometimes, people don’t feel at ease with oneself, feel uncomfortable in dealing with others or with the situation one is actually in. Sometimes it’s simply too difficult getting around on one’s own and the help and support of partner or friends don’t suffice. A psychologist will try to draw the picture of what exactly is going on, using an appropriate form of dialogue, psycho-diagnostic analysis or a dedicated therapy.


Sometimes you end up in a situation that has all the makings of a conflict and you want to avoid that. Also, a quarrel or conflict can be so heated that you can no longer see the solution. Certainly in those cases where you want or have to continue with each other again, there is almost always a solution that is acceptable to both of you. Mediation can help with this.


Coaching is a way to tap into and develop talents. Not by instructions or compelling advice, but by analyzing situations, exploring solutions and putting them into practice on the basis of equality and mutual interaction. Coaching is a powerful tool for promoting personal effectiveness and growth. This can be done individually or as a team.


Discover the power of psychological skills, the systemic approach, coaching skills, mindfulness and compassion. Learn to understand yourself better and approach others with compassion. Improve relationships, performance and well-being. Develop holistic insight, effective communication and systemic view. Dive into engaging personal and professional development training with a compassionate approach.

Mindfulness and Compassion

Mindfulness and Compassion can help you to become aware of deeply rooted, ingrained patterns in our everyday emotion and behavior and to make conscious choices in this regard. The good news is that compassion can be trained. Practicing self-compassion is not selfish, but rather ensures a healthy relationship with yourself and an increase in empathy and openness towards others. Compassion gives you the ability to respond with understanding, patience and kindness rather than, say, fear and disgust. It is a connecting factor to be able to empathize with acts of kindness and generosity, towards ourselves and others.

Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals often want to give a lot, even have to give. However, they also deserve to receive and that is not at all self-evident.

Anyone who chooses to work in healthcare finds it difficult to ask for help for themselves; doctors, psychologists, nurses or any healthcare provider. Often it goes on too long. Admitting that things are not going well mentally is complicated.

We know from our own experience how difficult it is to ask for psychological support when it is really necessary. And how hard it is to find it.

About Birgitte

Birgitte Beelen is a GZ psychologist, relationship and family therapist, K&J psychologist NIP, EMDR Practitioner Europe and Registered Mediator in (international) divorce and child abduction cases. She works in her own independent practice and as a Mindfulness training and Compassion trainer VMBN.


Birgitte's help has provided insight into patterns that influence our relationship. The sessions during the weekend were beneficial and provide starting points for improving our connection. Birgitte is a skilled professional who prepares herself well and can therefore make a targeted contribution with relationship therapy. Her warm cordiality was emphasized by including her personal experiences in the sessions. In addition, she knows how to translate knowledge well to get on the same wavelength during the sessions.

Bastiaan and Monique

Help from a psychologist….. I never thought I would ever need it. I'm practically in life and solve everything myself.. I thought. The conversations with Birgitte have taught me to look at my life in a different way and I have experienced her clear, unprejudiced attitude as very pleasant. I face the future with confidence.


EMDR has changed my life, after years of abuse I dare to go to sleep again. Birgitte, it was intense but thank you for your understanding and listening ear, I dared to tell you everything just like that...

At first I thought it was strange to go to a psychologist. But you are an ordinary person; I can recommend all my friends to talk to you. Great Birgitte, thank you very much.

You jokingly called it APK, but it's wonderful to have an evening to ourselves once in a while with your input. Usually we think, do we actually have something to talk about, but then time flies again and we're glad we went.

After the infidelity, neither of us wanted to move on. Your sharp and honest view and confrontational questions have helped us enormously to be honest. Especially each to our own bits. We are not there yet, but on the right track. Thank you Birgitte

I'm glad I made the choice to go to you with my questions. Why invest in a beautician and not in your own balance...that's where everything starts, right?

Although initially skeptical of a “Dr. Rossi” I discovered that calling in professional help, also (or especially) at an early stage, can give very concrete results, in my case it has had a positive influence on the decisions for the rest of my life. Your soulful and direct attitude helped me a lot.

Asking for help from a psychologist...... I'm not crazy, am I?? No, it's not that crazy to call in a professional sounding board if you've been through a lot and can't fully oversee it anymore. Someone who wants to help you hoe and weed in the chaos of everything that comes your way. Someone who helps you put the essentials in your life in a row, not by offering a solution, but by putting a finger on a few painful spots that make it much easier for you to find the answers yourself. Bridget, thank you!

In just four sessions with Birgitte Beelen I have gained so many tools and insights that have given me a grip on a number of things. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere made the sessions very enjoyable.

Birgitte, thank you for the very pleasant way in which you introduced me to EMDR. Because of your noticeably broad experience and because you know how to combine your sober business view in an admirable way with a strong empathetic and warm performance, this has been a valuable period for me. Once again, Birgitte, thank you very much.

Brigitte is an expert psychologist who listens carefully, asks pointed questions and asks questions. She quickly has an idea of the situation and then holds up a mirror. This helps enormously to gain insight into the situation. She provides 'food for thought' with every conversation and also clearly indicates what you could do differently in communication. Her guidance and tips helped us both quickly and well (within 4 conversations). Thank you very much Brigitte! March, 2021.

Tensions in the family atmosphere

I with Brigitte, many years ago, as part of our very first cross-border family mediation training.

Over the years, I have been able to refer very sensitive cases to her, which have always been handled with great professionalism and listening.

In the context of the international training I directly organize, I always have Brigitte present as one of my favorite trainers. The feedback I get, from colleagues of different nationalities and cultures, is always enthusiastic. She manages to be enthusing and above all she is never 'rigid' in her approach. She modifies content and schemes as required, which is not at all common.

MARZIA GHIGLIAZZA – Senior Partner avvocata mediatric cross-border

Birgitte is a very experienced professional and trainer in international mediation who fascinates participants with new approaches in her work. The last training, I visited was about mindfulness and mediation, especially international mediation. She found the way to show us the connection between two worlds we all know separately.

Ana Piernas López – Abogada & Rechtsanwältin Cross-Border Mediator

Birgitte is an excellent care provider. Very strong analytically, compassionate without exaggerating, asks the right questions and asks questions in the right way. Does not try to impress with difficult words, but clearly knows more than enough about psychological processes and how to deal with them. I have been helped very well.

Erwin Noorman

I have experienced the training as enriching and instructive. It is not always easy to fit the formal and informal practice into life. It takes commitment. I have found that making room for the practice does help it take root. Those are moments when I feel myself opening up; hey something is happening! The daily practice has become a beacon where I can focus on my body. It has increased my awareness of what sensations are going on in 'my house'! Wonderful! The nice thing about exchanging experiences in the group is that there is recognition in shared experiences and that a fellow student knows how to express his or her experiences beautifully and I think; hey, i have too! All in all, it tastes like more and I have experienced the evenings as a gift.


I feel in good hands with Birgitte. She is skilled and in possession of background knowledge and her own experience. She also shares this and that gives the training a personal touch in addition to content. For example, sharing poems, inspiring stories or personal experiences from your own life. This creates openness, warmth and accessibility in the session, in my opinion. It is never overly involved, where it does not become group therapy or goes too deeply into personal issues. It's about the now, the feeling and the being.



Birgitte taught me in EMDR therapy to cope and to forgive myself, I live in the present again instead of the past. The mindfulness training has ensured that I no longer overthink things. I make problems small and don't make them big. I've come back to the moment. It's not that the problems are all solved, it's more that I can handle the problems and have a positive outlook on life again.

Hans Wind

I followed my second block of supervision for the system therapist training at Syntagma. Birgitte is a direct woman who could discuss all topics and where she often managed to put her finger on the sore spot after a few sentences. She obviously picked up on how things worked for me pretty quickly. Because of this she has managed to start a beautiful process in myself that is still going on. Both on a personal level and on a work level. I am very grateful to her for what she taught and brought me!

Inge Korendyk

We met Birgitte more than 10 years ago when we all started training as cross-border mediators. Soon after Birgitte began to train mediators herself and it was really interesting to participate in her lectures as she also has a background in psychology and family therapy . Birgitte's training is truly interactive - theory is mixed with exercises and analyses. This was the reason we invited Birgitte to train our domestic family mediators. She has been training our mediators for 3 years now and, based on the feedback, the trainees are very satisfied with the knowledge they have gained.

Anneli and Helle

Although I was a bit hesitant about the group aspect beforehand, it turned out to add a lot to both the mindfulness training and the compassion training that I followed at Syntagma. Thanks to the very expert and professional guidance by Birgitte, both trainings have been extremely valuable to me! I have experienced Birgitte - also in my individual trajectory - as a very pleasant, open, down-to-earth, empathetic and driven psychologist and trainer. She analyzes quickly and sharply, knows how to create the right atmosphere, does not shy away from the difficult things, asks the right questions, uses humor in a pleasant way and provides practical tools to continue. Because Birgitte can draw on a solid theoretical background with a diversity of experiences, education and additional training, she can easily connect and switch and thus always find the most suitable route. It has helped me a lot in better listening to and acting according to my feelings, and in finding more peace, confidence and firmness. Many thanks for that! M.v.I.



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